Embark on a journey towards an international career through Ireland’s progressive and innovative education system. At KC Overseas, we understand the importance of nurturing creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Our partnered universities in Ireland are dedicated to cultivating top-notch graduates, equipped to tackle both contemporary and future challenges. Join a community where education transcends traditional boundaries, preparing you for a world that values dynamic thinking and adaptability.

Why Study in IRELAND?

Ireland stands as a beacon of academic and professional excellence, hosting 9 of the top 10 global ICT firms, 8 of the top 10 pharmaceutical giants, and being a pivotal center for global financial services and international banking. This makes it the European nucleus for over 1,000 leading multinational corporations spanning diverse sectors. With KC Overseas, you gain access to unparalleled career prospects in global juggernauts like Microsoft, Google, PayPal, Apple, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pfizer, GSK, and Genzyme. The high educational standards of Irish universities not only prepare their graduates to excel in academia and research but also to leave a significant mark in the global business sphere. An education in Ireland, facilitated by KC Overseas, is not just a learning experience; it’s a gateway to global opportunities.

Quick facts

Cost of Education in IRELAND

Types of ExpensesAnnual Expenses in €
Tuition Fees for one-year (Indicative)15000
Living and Accommodation10000
Airfare to Ireland (Indicative)700
Visa Fees195
Total Expenses25895

Careers & Industry Insights

Ireland, with its significant economic growth and high living standards, is at the forefront of the ‘knowledge economy’, focusing on sectors like agribusiness, life sciences, and technology. This country excels in attracting foreign direct investment and ranks highly in well-being measures, including jobs, health, and education. Key industries for employment opportunities include IT Services, Financial Services, Renewable Energy, and the Medical/Pharmaceutical sectors. At KC Overseas, we guide you to leverage these robust career opportunities in Ireland’s dynamic economy.

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Popular Universities

Trinity College Dublin, Dublin

University of Galway, Galway

Dublin City University, Dublin

Maynooth University, Maynooth

South East Technological University (Waterford and Carlow Campus)

University College Dublin, Dublin

University College Cork, Cork

University of Limerick, Limerick

Technological University Dublin, Dublin

Atlantic Technological University (Galway and Letterkenny Campus)

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Our Students Love Us

It was a game changing experience in KC. From a student with a vague and confused vision regarding my future plans to enrolling into one of the universities on the west coast. Its one hell of a roller coaster ride. All those GRE Classes with the Faculties actually helped me to get a decent score of 318 and the number of hour spent with the counsellors finalizing universities for application and the SOP and document submissions all made me competent enough to finally get admit from 3 out of 5 universities I applied to. I am really grateful and happy with my journey at the institute

Naman Agrawal

I joined KC for VISA assistance. The counselors assigned to me were very friendly and guided me well. I had my mock interview two times which boosted my confidence and helped in acing the actual Visa Interview. Overall it was a great experience and I give all the credits to the USA counselors for clearing all my queries whenever I showed up in the office. Thank you!

Christopher Roy

Thank you, KC, for all the support you have provided right from shortlisting the university to the visa interview preparations. I really admire the attention and support of the KC Counsellors.

Mandar Suryawanshi

Student's Speak

Rashmi Borah

Northeastern University, Boston

Varennyam Joshi

University of South Florida, Tampa

Varun Salve

Gannon University